Letter From The Editor : September

Caroline Dew, Senior Editor

Dear McCracken County High School,


I love it here, and I love going to school. Despite the movies like Heathers and Mean Girls, I was confident I would love it here the second I walked through the front doors. I try not to be preoccupied with how other people view me – I’ve learned that trying to be ‘cool’ is stupid. Different people have different ideas of what cool is, and if you try to appeal to all of those ideas – well, you can’t. It’s like trying to be in two places at once. It can’t be done.


There are some things I can say, with confidence, are not cool. Perhaps my biggest pet peeve, are people who think that not trying in school makes them seem cool. If you look at your ‘F’ on a report card and laugh at it, turning to your friends and nonchalantly saying ‘I don’t care.’ – that doesn’t make you cool. It’s different if you’re trying and have a bad grade, but to purposely avoid doing school work and getting mad at teachers for your own actions is dumb. Be cool by joining a team – not by flunking.



Caroline Dew