Lunchtime Lads: The Sam’s Club Experience


Connor Scholl and Rodney Perry

When people think of Sam’s Club, they think of a superstore with a large assortment of household items; few look to Sam’s as an outlet of culinary delight. However, after taking a closer look, the Sam’s Club café can be viewed as a restaurant of the same caliber as such highly esteemed restaurants as Osteria Francescana or Cafe Sao Paulo. This article will explore the experiences of two food connoisseurs in their Sam’s Club outing.

Connor’s Review – Upon entering the dining area within Sam’s Club, I was immediately greeted with the friendliest faces Paducah has to offer. I was cordially received by the cashier, and the atmosphere became even more welcoming than before. Such amiable service laid the foundation for a perfect meal, and perfect it was. I ordered a cheese pizza combo, and I can safely say that nothing better has ever entered my mouth. After taking the first bite, each individual taste bud was sent on an adventure, and my tongue will never again meet something so delectable. The taste of the cheese pizza that day transcended human boundaries, and I may never again be satisfied with any other food. As if the taste wasn’t ethereal enough, the entire meal (two huge slices of pizza and a drink) cost a whopping $2.50. That is an extremely small price to pay when compared to the euphoria experienced with each passing bite, and I’d venture to say it is one of the best bargains of the century. It goes without saying that not only the cheese pizza, but the entire Sam’s Club café experience as a whole, earn a 10 out of 10 from me. I very highly recommend paying a visit to this wondrous place, and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Rodney’s Review – During my visit to Sam’s Club, I ate the meat lover’s pizza. The meat lover’s pizza appeared delicious at first glance, with its golden cheese steaming from the oven and juicy pepperonis decorating the top. The appealing sight made me excited for the long awaited taste. As I took the first bite I was met with an explosive taste. The sausage blended with the ham and the crust was crunchy. While the taste was heavenly, the pizza began to lose its uniformity and fell apart. I grade pizza on three categories: looks, taste and uniformity. The meat lover’s pizza looked great and tasted delicious but fell apart when eaten. Because of this, I give this pizza a score of 8 out of 10 and would recommend the Sam’s Club meat lover’s pizza to any and all pizza lovers.