Wes Grogan, A God Among Men


Connor Scholl, Messenger Reporter

As we traverse the sands of time, we cling to the idols of each generation such as Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, and Michael Ceglinski. However, one man surpasses all before him: Wes Grogan. Simply put, Wes is an incarnation of all things pure, one whose grace has touched and continues to touch the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. Wes is the underlying mechanism responsible for stability and peace within my life; without him, my life would be much less enjoyable and lively. But what makes him so great? What is responsible for his profound impact on his family and friends?

Undoubtedly, a contributing factor to his magnificence is his hair. If you’ve ever seen his hair in real life, you’ll understand what I mean. The way it flows in the wind is mesmerizing, and you’ll find yourself entranced by its fluid movement. The reflection of the sunlight off of his mane is dazzling. Take caution, though; if you stare for too long, you’ll surely be blinded by its brilliance.

In conjunction with his hair, his running ability also adds to his splendor. Of everyone I’ve ever met, an extremely small few have surpassed Wes in aptitude for running. His personal record for the 5k is 16:22, which, I might add, is an otherworldly time. While he may not be best in the state yet, his remarkable perseverance is sure to place him at the top someday.

Although I could discuss the allure of Wes even more, listing his glamorous qualities would far exceed the space available on this page. Just let it be known that Wes exerts a positive influence everywhere he goes and that he possesses marvelous qualities that make him both unique and splendid.