Manchikanti Library


Kaitlyn Craig, Columnist & Human Interest Coordinator

Have you been walking through the hallway to your next class and then suddenly hit by a beach ball or tagged with an inspirational message? If you have, then you were probably walking by our own Manchikanti Library. This year, our librarians, Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Thompson, have been working extra hard this school year to make our library a fun and inviting place for all faculty and students of McCracken County High School.

Recently, they have started holding contests over social media about all kinds of random and fun things. They usually find out if there are any fun National celebration days, such as National Pizza Day, and then post a trivia question that pertains to that subject. And whoever answers correctly first, wins a treat. They have also started hosting Monthly Movie Fridays where you can come up to the library after school and watch a movie while hanging out with your friends & peers. For their first gathering, they watched the cult-classic, “The Princess Bride”.

If you want to keep up with more fun things Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Thompson are doing in the library, make sure to follow the library on Snapchat (mchslibrary), Twitter (@library_mchs), and Instagram (mchslibrary)!


  1. They are super cool (and they didn’t pay me to say that)