Lunchtime Lads: The Burrito Shack Experience


Connor Scholl and Rodney Perry

Recently, the insatiable appetite of the Lunchtime Lads led them to explore the wonders of the burrito, the most remarkable food Mexico has ever conceived. They embarked on a journey to find the most “perfecto” burrito in Western Kentucky, which brought them to none other than “La Choza de Burritos,” or as the Americans call it, Burrito Shack.

Connor’s Review – As I walked into Burrito Shack, I had extremely high expectations for the burrito that lay ahead. Before this visit, I had only ever eaten burritos from Chipotle and Qdoba, both of which were phenomenal. However, no prior experience could have prepared me for the great taste that awaited me. I ordered chicken and a variation of vegetables on a spinach tortilla, and after merely one bite, I knew that this burrito sat atop the burrito hierarchy. The masterful blending of the ingredients was evident with every bite, and each taste complemented one another so as to create a culinary masterpiece. However, one underlying problem beset the harmony of tastes within the burrito: the spice. Although I didn’t order anything especially spicy within my burrito, the spice’s presence was extremely obtrusive – so obtrusive that I had begun to sweat by the end of the meal. Despite the unexpected heat, the Burrito Shack burrito still earns an 8 out of 10 from me. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in search of a sensational burrito experience.

Rodney’s Review – Walking into the restaurant, I was greeted with the savory smell of cooked meat and various sauces. As I made my way to order, I noticed there were very few dishes on the menu. I was not disappointed, however, as I knew that Burrito Shack was designed for customization rather than variety. I chose a combination of chicken and steak on a spinach tortilla and loaded my burrito with cilantro, black beans, lettuce and other sides. After finishing my order, I could barely contain my excitement. The burrito looked delectable, but I was skeptical of the taste. I put the burrito to my face and took a bite. I was met with an explosion of flavor; I could taste chicken, cilantro and hot sauce. The taste was exceptional, yet salty. I was enjoying the taste, but the tortilla began to overpower the rest of the burrito in some parts and the spinach tortilla was not cooked to my liking. The taste, although salty, was overall satisfactory but the tortilla overpowered the flavor. I will give this burrito a 7 out of 10. ¡A todos los niños les encantan burritos!