Eli Hudspeth: Transcendence of Man

Eli Hudspeth: Transcendence of Man

Connor Scholl, Messenger Reporter

Throughout my life, I’ve idolized many people. In elementary school, I idolized Beyoncé. In middle school, I idolized Beyoncé. For most of high school so far, I’ve idolized Beyoncé. However, one man surpasses all of my prior idols: Eli Hudspeth.

How do I even begin to explain the impact of Eli on my life? Before meeting him, I was a listless being. My life held no purpose; I was merely drifting along day to day, careless and thoughtless. However, after meeting Eli, my life seemed to truly begin. Vibrancy began to overtake the dreariness that had come to dominate my life, and I was forever changed. But what aspect of him is responsible for bringing such joy into my life? I’ve spent countless hours awake at night, contemplating this question, and I’ve determined that his greatness can be attributed to not just one, but many factors.

The first aspect of him that contributes to his magnificence is his unmistakable kindness. If an old lady were crossing the road, Eli wouldn’t hesitate to lend her a hand. If Eli happened to come upon a stray dog, flea-ridden and startlingly emaciated, he would take it in as his own without a second thought. If Eli were participating in any sport and an opponent were to get injured, he would help them out, no matter what the cost. His rays of love encompass everything around him, and their warmth envelopes everyone he comes across.

Another aspect that contributes to his greatness is his remarkable hair. I used to think my hair was decent, but his completely puts mine to shame. The way it flows in the wind is mesmerizing; every time I see it, I become entranced. The beautiful way the sun reflects off of it is beyond brilliant, its radiance almost blinding.

I could keep admiring Eli for several more pages, but that would far exceed the space available on this page. If you are to gain anything from this, let it be that Eli is undoubtedly one of the most wholesome and caring people anywhere in the tri-state area. If you happen to see him in the halls, don’t be afraid to give him a pat on the back; he deserves it.