October Horoscope

October Horoscope

Jaden Raney, Messenger Reporter

Aries (03/21-04/19) – You will be on top of things this month, Aries. However you tend to be driven by perfectionism, so it is quite easy to get frustrated, especially with how fast the days move. This month should be level, so don’t overwork yourself! You will have lots of worry-free fun in between your booked schedule in this very enthusiastic month.


Taurus (04/20-05/20)- If you’ve been feeling like you need to resolve conflicts, October is the month to do it, Taurus. You want what is best for the people that you love, so why not let them know that they’re important to you? Peaceful relationships will bring you great happiness.


 Gemini (05/21-06/20)-  Have you been thinking of changing a certain relationship in your life? Whether it be within your inner self, friendships, or romantic relationships, now is a great time to do that. Express how you’re feeling. Get rid of any unnecessary weight on your shoulders, you deserve that relief.


Cancer (06/21-07/22) – October will be an excellent time for self-expression and creativity, Cancer. You may have been awaiting this busy season so that you could thrive. Don’t shy away from saying what you think or being passionate about your interests. Be your warm, joyful self and everything will be okay!


 Leo (07/23-08/22)-  This season is a wonderful time for you be your best and maybe to bring attention to yourself, Leo. You may have been feeling socially fortunate recently, with new friends coming into your life when you’d least expect. Improve upon those relationships by going and doing something adventurous with these new people.


Virgo (08/23-09/22) – Deep emotions may overwhelm you this month, Virgo. You should be careful in important decisions and have a healthy balance between head and heart. You will notice that your close friends will be your biggest supporters. Treat them well!


Libra (09/23-10/22)-  It’s your season, Libra! You will be highly energetic this month and physically active. In school or work, you will channel this into being very productive. It’s time to go out and meet new people and join new activities. With this confidence, it would be a waste not to do so!


Scorpio (10/23-11/21)-  You will take charge this month, Scorpio. Whether it be in your attitude about things or simple things in your school or work life, you will be more in control of your emotions. Achieving goals or finishing tasks that you’ve been working on is upon you. Many opportunities should open for you.


Sagittarius (11/22-12/21)-  You might be interested in taking more time for solitude this month, Sagittarius. You will have plenty of time to rest and form healthier routines for yourself. Maybe start choosing nutritious breakfasts or an earlier sleep schedule to help you feel your best.


Capricorn (12/22-01/19)-  You likely have been feeling refreshed and optimistic this month… You seem to be re-organized and slowly getting back into comfort. As long as you keep your priorities straight, things are sure to pan out just the way you hope.


Aquarius (01/20-02/18)- This month should bring balance to your life, Aquarius. Your thoughts tend to move quickly, so you get distracted and unorganized pretty easily. This month, however, especially with Fall Break, should motivate you to have an improved schedule. You may come up with a certain idea or thought that you want to document, do not hesitate to write it down!


 Pisces (02/19-03/20)-  You may have encountered some emotional self-discovery lately, Pisces. You’re not easily influenced by others around you, and you should be proud of your unique personality and style. You likely enjoy the month of October because of the creative and bold aspects. Channel this elated energy into being kind to others and working on previously started projects.