10 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Jaden Raney, Messenger Reporter

We’ve all been there. We plan not to dress up on Halloween or simply cannot think of a costume idea. Then finally last minute, the perfect opportunity to don a spooky outfit appears when you cannot find the time to put together a proper costume. If you have been invited to a Halloween party, want to hand out candy, or simply want to dress up for fun, here are a few of my favorite easy outfit ideas that can be created in a matter of minutes using items from your closet.


Deer. Playing with makeup is one of the most exciting parts of this time of year in my opinion, and this look can be super unique. All that you will need is different shades of brown and tan eyeshadow, black eyeliner or body paint for the nose, white eyeshadow or body paint for spots, and tan clothing. This look relies more on the makeup, so the only thing that your outfit will really need is a set of ears… store bought or homemade! To make these on your own, all you will need is a brown foam sheet, white felt fabric, pipe cleaners (optional), hot glue, and a headband.

-Draw an ear shape on your foam sheet and cut it out.

Cut out a smaller shape to fit inside of the “ear” on the white felt. Glue on top of the foam ear shape.

Glue the ears to the headband.

Twist and glue the pipe cleaners to make an antler shape of your choice, and then glue on to the headband.

2.) Scarecrow. Probably one of the easiest costumes of them all! All you will need is a pair of boots, jeans, a flannel, a sun or straw hat, and face paint or makeup. Paint stitches across the mouth and on the tip of the nose. Fill in the nose with a pink or red, and make sure to pat on the pink blush! This costume can be interpreted in a cutesy way or darker way, so do as you see fit! (Bonus if you decide to carry around a sunflower or fake bird!)


3.) Doll. Like the scarecrow, this outfit can be adorable or as creepy as you please! All that you need is a dress (or a blouse and skirt), or a pair of overalls / something plaid etc, and some makeup or face paint. You could opt for a “Raggedy Ann / Andy” style, a porcelain doll style, or even a broken doll. Hair for this sort of style can be interpreted, but hairstyles such as twin braids or curls are perfect.


4.) Robber. This costume can be put together without purchasing a thing. All you will need is a black-and-white striped shirt or a plain black shirt, (Turtlenecks work great!)

black pants, black shoes, a black beanie (optional), and a pillowcase. Once you have the outfit complete, you can take an old pillowcase or sack and draw a money symbol on it. Carry this on your shoulder (maybe even fill it with candy!) and Viola!


5.) Addams Family member. This is always a very popular Halloween option, likely because lots of people find it simple and fun! Here are a few “Addams Family” members that are easy to dress up as.

-Wednesday Addams- All you need is twin braids, a black dress (preferably with a white collar), dark lipstick, black tights, and black shoes.

-Morticia Addams- If you’re feeling a more monochromatic vibe this Halloween, this is the costume for you. All that you really need is a black dress and red lipstick. A long black wig completes the look.

-Pugsley Addams- For this costume, you will need a black-and-white striped tee, black shorts, and black shoes. Shading on dark eye bags with makeup is optional, but adds a little something extra!


6.) Ghost-

Ah. The classic. Probably your costume from Kindergarten. The only thing you need is a white sheet and some scissors. I think you get the point.


7.) Tourist.

This is a more humorous costume, you may just have to raid your dad’s closet for a night! You will need a fanny pack, a floral Hawaiian shirt, jorts, and Birkenstocks, tennis shoes, or flip-flops. Sunglasses also add a nice touch.


8.) Greaser + Rosie The Riveter:

For a Greaser, you can re-use your outfit for Decades Day for this look! A leather jacket, high-waisted jeans, a white tee, and sunglasses complete this look. Bonus if you have a pair of Converse. Red lipstick is optional.

For Rosie The Riveter, you will need a red bandana, a denim top or jacket, and red lipstick. Tie your hair with the bandana up in a 1940’s-esque updo, swipe on the lipstick, sport the denim, and you’re ready to go! You Can Do It!


9.) Child you!

However you dressed as a child! This could mean a onesie and pigtails, Disney graphic tees with a funny hat, or maybe you want to recreate one of your childhood Halloween costumes! Either way, this is always a funny option.


10.)” Error Code 404: Costume Not Found”  For When You’ve Just Given Up:

If you’re one of those people that don’t like to dress up for Halloween, this may be the costume for you. A white tee shirt and a black sharpie is all you need. Just write “Error 404: Costume not Found.” across the front.

You might get a lot of laughs, and hey, it takes five minutes.


These are just some ideas that I have used or seen in the past, and I hope that the spooky season brings you lots of delight, whether you decide to dress up or not! Happy Halloween, friends!