An Open Letter: Attention All Christmas Shoppers


Caleb Buford, Messenger Reporter & Business Manager

Christmas seems to be one of the biggest holidays of the year and with every big holiday, comes a big rage. Directly after Thanksgiving Day, the night of Thanksgiving, people lined up to shop at one of the biggest shopping events every year in the U.S; Black Friday. If you have ever heard of the stories your mother or father tell you on Christmas about how they got your gift on that cold Thanksgiving Night, you might understand where this is going. But, if you haven’t, let me explain; Black Friday is like the end of the world for most savvy shoppers. They stand in lines for hours just to get some kind of deal on the latest technology, toys, and household items. Some stores, like Walmart, plan in great detail about the store layout and how items will be distributed. For example, they hand out wristbands to people who know they are buying a specific item to pick up within 2 hours of Black Friday’s start, so they know that it’s guaranteed to be there for them. Walmart is very clever with their organization, but that doesn’t stop the crazed Christmas Shopper from losing two things; sanity and respect.

I understand that this is a crazy time of your life and that you think that you absolutely need that Philips 55-inch Smart 4KTV for only $298 (60% off $498) but, honestly, have some respect for the people around you. They are here for the same reason you are and have joined together to be a part of the same cause; to save money. They are not your enemy and you don’t need to push their cart with your cart to get that TV. There are probably plenty of TVs in supply. And if they end up being out of stock, there are plenty of deals online.

With respect comes sanity, I have heard of people sacrificing their teenage daughters in fights over items and people crying over not getting that one item that they really wanted. Yes, you probably could save money but, if your daughter ends up getting severely injured or you have to go see a therapist because of your post-Christmas shopping depression, you’ve wasted your time saving money because now you have to pay for hospital and therapy bills due to your insane behavior.

In conclusion, please be considerate of the other people around you as you shop this next month. With everyone attempting to respect to others and maintain your sanity, we all just might make it through the last few days of 2017.


A concerned citizen