Mr. Houser

Mr. Houser

Kaitlyn Craig, Columnist & Human Interest Coordinator

McCracken County High School is a place full of really fantastic people; people who care about everyone else before they even think about themselves. These are the ones who keep a place like McCracken running. One of these unique individuals is our very own House 3 principal Mr. Houser. Mr. Houser says he has many unique quirks and hobbies. “First of all, I love to sing… all the time! Music is a passion for me and I love to use song lyrics to relate to whatever situation I’m in the middle of.” Mr. Houser is also a very big sports fan, especially of English Premier League Soccer. “My favorite team is Manchester United and I wake up early on the weekends to watch them play.”

He is also a family man. He loves to spend time with his family when he isn’t in school. “I am always doing things with my family. I love having a big family and doing things with them. We love to grill out and sit by the fire often.” And Mr. Houser is also, just like a lot people, a lover of Netflix. “I go through phases where I binge-watch shows, to the point where I can’t watch anything episode by episode. Netflix has made me lose patience for waiting week by week for episodes to be released.”

Mr. Houser loves to have fun, especially with his family, but he is also very passionate about his job. He originally became a teacher after a career in sales and marketing wasn’t what he originally thought. So he became a teacher so he could help kids through their life decisions and struggles. “I taught fifth grade math for five years. After five years of teaching I had the opportunity to become a high school administrator and have been doing that now for seven years.” Now that he is an administrator he can do his favorite part of the job even more. “I’m able to do many of the same things I did as a 5th grade teacher, it’s just that the kids are bigger and have a little more life experience to draw from. I enjoy helping them think through life and focus on “controllables”. If we focus and worry about things we can’t control… we’ll all go crazy eventually!”

We are very lucky to have Mr. Houser here at MCHS. He is a very caring person and goes above and beyond to help anyone he can. If you ever need anything done, or help with anything, go see Mr. Houser in the House 3 office!