Senior Year Stress


Kaitlyn Craig, Columnist & Human Interest Coordinator

Senior year is a year full of doing things for the last time. Your last first day of high school, last of the nine week report cards, last state testing, etc. But it is also a year of firsts. First time making a resume, first time applying for scholarships, finding a college, picking a career path, and many more exciting things. But all of these firsts and lasts can be very overwhelming.

All of the stress from dealing with things ending and organizing all of your applications, forms, scholarships, test scores, and all of the other things that come with starting your college career can cause you to miss out on the joys of senior year. During senior year, you are the big dogs of the school. You get to do everything first, for example you get called out of class first for assemblies, pep rallies, and other meetings of the sort. It is also the last few months before you get to say you are officially a high school graduate. Senior year is also the year that you get to take all of those fun and random electives you never had room in your schedule for before. When you are a senior, you get six electives instead of the normal four. This also means that you can try something you never have before. So go out there and try dance, yearbook, drama, piano or guitar while you have the chance. Enjoy this year of mostly fun classes while you have the chance.

This part of the school year of your senior year is definitely overwhelming. With the college visits, the scholarship applications, the college applications, getting the perfect ACT score, it is all very stressful. But sometimes, you just have to look at the bigger picture, and that is that we are moving on to the next chapter of our lives. And change is always scary, but it can be one of the best things that ever happen to us. So just keep looking ahead and don’t get stuck in the moment of all the stress and paperwork, keep looking toward the big goal ahead of you, whatever that may be.