Tips and Tricks for Your Next Interview

Tips and Tricks for Your Next Interview

Olivia Vick, Messenger Reporter

As high school students, many of us are applying for jobs and scholarships and have to go through an interviewing process. Recently, I got my first job and thought I could offer some advice to fellow Mustangs sharing this experience.There are five simple things you should remember when you show up for your interview.

First impressions are essential. Showing up early shows your responsibility. How you dress also says a lot to your interviewer. Dress business-casual, nothing too fancy, but not blue jeans and an old t-shirt either. For girls, I recommend either nice pants and a blouse, or a decent shirt and an appropriate-length skirt; for guys, I would suggest a button up shirt and khakis. Dress to impress, and your confidence in how you look will make you feel better about the interview as well.

Maintain your confidence throughout your interview. Confidence in yourself inspires their confidence in you. Speak clearly and try not to hesitate too long before answering their questions. It’s easier to stay confident if you prepare yourself beforehand- think about some basic questions they may ask you based on what you’re applying for, and how you want to answer.

Smile!!! You’re happy to have gotten this interview – let them know that! Be polite and stay excited! You’ll seem more comfortable and they’ll be more comfortable with you too. Make some conversation, they’ll ask about your school and your interests, don’t be afraid to talk to them. (This may not apply to those of you who related to my Antisocial Halloween article.)

Don’t be too informal. While it is good to strike up a conversation, don’t forget you’re talking to a potential employer or someone in charge of your scholarship funding. Be very respectful. A well placed “ma’am” or “sir” can go a long way. You’re talking to an adult in an authority position, not a friend, even if you are having friendly conversation. Be nice and maintain a respectful attitude throughout your interview.

In general, interviews are never as hard or as scary as you expect them to be, it’s just a nerve-racking process. Remember these tips and why you’re interviewing in the first place, and you’ll do just fine. Good luck, Mustangs!