The Holidays On a Budget


Kenzie Crane, Social Media

Ah, the holiday season. A time of empty bank accounts and festive occasions. If you’re like me, you love and dread this time of year, because you want to make your friends happy, but you’re also broke… all of the time. Lucky for you, I’ve been tackling these holidays on a budget for several years. Here’s some ideas to help you spread the holiday cheer!


Arts and Crafts! No matter what, this is always a good option. Nothing shows you care more than something you made yourself! (And, it’s a lot cheaper than buying an expensive present.) Make a little keepsake for them. Whether it be something you painted yourself, or something even made of paper that someone can keep. Anything you make will show you care, and you will get brownie points for spending your time making their present.


Write a Letter! Another good option is writing a letter to your friends and family as a gift. With words, you can really show your love and be as heartfelt as you want. Trust me, it may sound like a lame gift, but it’s definitely worth the reactions (or tears) you get out of them.


Write a song/poem/story/etc. Something I’ve done in the past to gift people is write a song about them. Especially if it is your significant other, a song or poem filled with love is worth more than an expensive item. And, it’s timeless. No matter how many times you read the poem or sing the song, it’s always going to bring them back to how they felt when they heard it the first time.


Cook something festive! It’s obvious that everyone loves food. If you cook/bake their favorite food (or dessert!), you’re sure to get bonus points in your relationship with them. Food is a very good backup option.


If all else fails, Black Friday/Holiday Sales. I know what you’re thinking. Black Friday is one of the most terrifying “holidays” of the season. Someone could punch you in the face for an extra tee shirt. But, the deals that come with it are hard to miss out on. But, always keep in mind, if you are going to go shopping, even though there are holiday sales and Black Friday, it can still turn out to burn a hole in your pocket. Always budget your spending and remember, it’s okay to be cheap sometimes!


No matter what you get for your friends and family, it will always be appreciated, because it’s the thought that counts. When you put a lot of thought and love into a gift, it just means a lot more. Don’t think that just because you’re broke, you can’t give gifts to your loved ones!