Book Review: “Turtles All the Way Down”

Book Review: Turtles All the Way Down

Tristan Cates, Messenger Reporter

John Green’s new young adult novel revolves around mental health and the effects it has on teen life. He breaks out of his previous genres of love and teen angst to tackle more prevalent issue to modern society. Instead of writing an escape for adolescents, he writes to show the reality of the mentally ideal. The book follows a high school girl named Aza. She has developed a serious disease in which she gets trapped in paranoid thoughts about the likelihood of death. She is entranced by the fact that our bodies are filled with microbes. She believes these microbes are influencing our thoughts, because they are their own entities in our body. The plot revolves around her daily struggles and the disappearance of a local millionaire. The man runs away from his two sons because he is wanted for fraud charges. The story develops as Aza meets an old friend Davis, the son of the runaway millionaire. Aza and Davis have both lost a parent, this adds another level of depth to the story. This novel isn’t cheesy. It is very real and it hides nothing about today’s generation. The depth Green provides is entrancing and overall he brings a new outlook onto a pressing issue for teens.