Andrew Castleman


Leigh Ann Castleman

Kaitlyn Craig, Columnist & Human Interest Coordinator

High school is a time of finding yourself and developing your personality, friend group, beliefs and opinions, and your passions. Every senior that you ask would probably tell you the same thing, that they have grown immensely as a person since their freshman year. One senior here at McCracken has found a new passion throughout his high school career, that passion being theatre and performing. “Before high school, I never thought theatre was something I’d be able to enjoy, but enrolling in Drama was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. My confidence level skyrocketed throughout my high school years. I was able to learn even more about myself as an artist and as an individual.”

Andrew has also been passionate about music since he was little. It has taught him important life lessons and gotten him through the rough times he has encountered throughout his lifetime. Andrew added, “I would drive people insane because of how often I would sing songs that I loved or still love to this day. I grew up listening to a lot of music, but mainly I would listen to country music. There are just so many country songs that I’m able to relate to and enjoy than any other genre of music.” In his free time, he has even began memorizing chords and writing his own music. Andrew also is a very big people person. In his free time, when he is not working on school work or performances, he loves to spend time hanging out and spending quality time with his friends and family.

When asked how his friends would describe him, Andrew responded with, “I think my friends would describe me as kind, loving, caring, trustworthy, a bit shy at times, goofy, talented, and never puts himself above others.” Another interesting fact about Andrew is that he is a worship leader at Twelve Oaks Baptist Church. He has also been in four shows in the past here at McCracken, the first being Fiddler on the Roof where he was an ensemble member, A Midsummer Night’s Dream where he played Lysander, Legally Blonde where he played Aaron Shultz, and The Miracle Worker just a couple weeks ago where he played Annie’s mentor, Anagnos. He was also a part of the Drama 3 competition cast for the show Our Place that competed in September and went  to state in the middle of November. If you ever need a fun person to be around, or even just a good friend, Andrew is definitely a great person to look to!