Peyton Newberry – Creating Mustang History


Kaitlyn Craig , Columnist & Human Interest Coordinator

On November 1st, 2017, Peyton Newberry became the first female from McCracken County High School to sign to a college for Track and Field. Peyton has been really involved in track since her seventh grade year, when Maria Grogan came in as the head coach and got her involved in sprinting, which eventually lead to her participating in the throwing events, which she has been doing for about 5 years.

Peyton has been honored several times for her abilities in track and field, including getting to be a member of the All-State All-Region One Track and Field Team, and winning the region title for discus in 2017. One main reason Peyton is so successful in track and field is her dedication to the sport. During track season, she spends at least three hours a day practicing. And during the off-season, she lifts weights and conditions about five days a week. She has truly fallen in love with the sport and has gotten very good at what she does. Her high school track career surpasses most people’s.

Peyton has decided to attend Murray State University for their Athletic Training and Sports Medicine program. She wants her passion for sports and athletics to be a part of her everyday life, and help people along the way. Peyton also does all of this alongside her other extracurriculars (including being on the MCHS Bowling Team), school work, prepping for college, and making sure she has time to spend with her friends and family. Peyton is very well rounded and has definitely found her passion in life. Mustang Nation should be proud of all of the effort and work that Peyton has accomplished. Let’s stand behind her the rest of the way as well!