Halloween for the Antisocial


Olivia Vick, Messenger Reporter

Halloween is coming soon and you know what that means – parties, extravagant costumes, and all sorts of weird people coming to your house and ringing your doorbell. Not everyone wants to go out to celebrate Hallow’s Eve in this way, and there’s plenty you can do within your own bedroom. There’s a good six-step survival guide for the antisocial teens who love Halloween and want to celebrate without going out.

Step #1     Buy a large quantity of candy. This does not mean you have to share with trick or treaters or anyone else, this is your own stash.

Step #2     Find some comfy Halloween themed pajamas or an Instagram-able oversized Halloween sweater to wear for the night. Fuzzy socks are also good for the cold fall night.

Step #3     Turn your porch lights off, and as many of the lights inside your house as you can. Crawl into bed with your phone/laptop and prepare to binge watch scary movies by yourself. You can also light a candle for extra effect – just make sure you blow it out before you fall asleep. Have your candy within reach. Enjoy!

Step #4     If you’re the kind of person who gets spooked by scary movies, this is a good opportunity to check back into your social media. Look at all your friends out taking pictures of their friends’ insanely complex or expensive costumes and be grateful you decided to stay inside the warmth of your own bed. I also personally suggest watching some creepy makeup videos, which will help remind you that the monsters and demons from the movies you’ve been watching are fictitious and nothing to be feared (but did something just move in the corner of the room?). Also, post somewhere on social media about all the scary movies you’re watching! You’re enjoying Halloween just as much as your friends.

Step #5     Once you’ve eaten enough candy to make you feel sick, make some popcorn to return to your scary movie marathon, and bonus points if you drink apple cider or any pumpkin flavored drink. You’ve reached Halloween bliss.

Step #6     Go to sleep knowing you’ve escaped the horror of socialization. Wednesday morning at school you can enjoy other’s stories about their crazy nights knowing you got to relax – or just listen to music and continue to avoid social circumstances. That’s up to you.

You survived Halloween! Now all you have to look forward to this season is a big family Thanksgiving meal. Good luck.