An Open Letter to Underclassmen – Participation


Tristan Cates, Messenger Reporter

Dear Underclassmen,

High school is a time in which one can express themselves however they want, within reason of course. Here at McCracken we really pride ourselves on providing an environment for people to find their passion and have fun on the way. Through our many successful sport and art programs, we have created unity in spirit and pride. We need you to uphold this reputation for years to come so that this school can continue the positive reputation. One way to initially get involved is to attend as many games as possible, this is where school spirit is found in its purest form. The Pep Club does a wonderful job of creating themes that every student can enjoy and participate in. Just by attending these games you can gain insight into how our school takes people from every social group and makes one student body filled with pride. If a student section seems too daunting for your taste we still have plenty of other opportunities to express love for this school, you can always attend the events put on by the many performing arts programs or joining the dozens of club MCHS offers. There is always a place for you here so please go out and participate. High school is shorter than you think, make it the best possible experience and find your passion.