Proper Parking


Olivia Vick, Messenger Reporter

Dear double parkers, sit-on-the-line-ers, those of you who pull halfway into spots, and anyone who doesn’t park in the same spot every day… PLEASE STOP.

As a generally stressed, scattered student, my parking space is a consistency I need in my life- it’s reassuring to be able to pull into my spot every morning and know that my car will be there after a long day. However, due to the irresponsibility of teen drivers, there are some days that this is not an option, and it doesn’t have to be this way! Just park correctly in your own spot.

No matter how much of a rush you’re in, there is no need to fill two parking spaces in a crowded place like a school parking lot. How long will it realistically take you to pull in correctly? 30 seconds. Think about how someone may have to park several rows down now and walk so much farther into and out of the school, which is especially rough during these colder months.

As for parking on the line, you’re endangering your own vehicle as well as whoever parks next to you. Is it worth risking your car being hit by someone’s door? Is one extra minute worth the cost of getting your paint touched up? You could be spending your money on much more valuable things- like food. We’re all hangry teenagers. Spare yourself the pain, and park within the lines. It really isn’t that hard!

As for the people who don’t pull fully into a parking space – what are you thinking?! You’re liable to get hit by the other teen drivers zooming through the parking lot. This also blocks visibility of cars looking for a place to park (which wouldn’t be an issue if so many people didn’t park in a different space every single day but that’s a separate issue). There are no benefits to hanging out of your spot, so I do not understand why you would do this. Pull into the parking spot, don’t get hit or prevent others from parking in the space next to yours. Be considerate!

Proper parking is a good step towards peaceful driving, which is something we all need in the early mornings and after a long day at school. Take the time to pull fully into a singular spot that you have dedicated to yourself and it will make you and other drivers happier. Drive safely, and happy parking!