Skyler Mayes

Lauren Wildoner, Reporter, Columnist & Artwork Coordinator

“All things come to him who goes after them.” High school is a time in which you grow as a person and learn lessons inside and outside of school that will shape whatever path your future will take. Success does not always come easy, especially being a high school student- through these years, you must work hard, stay focused, and make many memories along the way. Skyler Mayes is a senior here at McCracken and is a student that shows that hard work truly does pay off.


You may know Skyler as captain of the football team or through his involvement and graduation of the Youth LEAD Program. When I asked what he learned through taking on Youth LEAD, he told me: “I’ll never have experiences like I did in Youth LEAD,” he explained. “I encourage all juniors to take part in it. It helped me prepare for my future and get excited for it.” In his future, Skyler plans to go to school on a full football scholarship to Eastern Illinois University. A full ride to college is something you work very hard to do. He is very excited to become an EIU Panther in the fall of 2018. He plans to continue playing football in college, but may also explore becoming a physical therapist.


While he is excited to start his future, Skyler is still very proud to be on the Mustang field for just one more year. Senior year means saying goodbye to traditions and the everyday routine. I asked if there was a faculty member that had made an impact on him throughout his years at McCracken. “Mrs. Powless,” he answered, “She is always in an awesome mood. She is positive and happy and I’m very thankful to have had her.”


“Something I’m going to take with me into adulthood is to never take anything for granted,” Skyler reflects on beginning his years at McCracken, “and I would like to pass that on to every student here. We’re given so many opportunities at this school, and if you waste them, you may not realize it until it’s too late.” I asked what he would like to tell his freshman self. “Be awesome and have fun,” he told me. These years in this school are fleeting, and we may not realize it until you’re standing shaking Mr. Ceglinski’s hand and suddenly the book that is your high school career is closed.  


No matter where you fit into the puzzle that is McCracken County High School, if you make the choice to take on these years head-strong and with pride and determination, you’ll find yourself successfully walking across the graduation platform. Take the chances you are given and push yourself to pursue what you love. Skyler Mayes is a fantastic example who did all of these things and will be heading for a future he most certainly earned. “That’s what being a Mustang is all about. Work hard, be nice, and be awesome.”