Dyllan Simmons


Kaitlyn Craig, Columnist & Human Interest Coordinator

“High school is a time of growth and change. The whole time you are there you are wanting to be out, but by the time it ends, it feels like it started yesterday.” Dyllan Simmons, a senior here at McCracken said this when asked about his high school experience. Dyllan is involved in many programs here at McCracken, including FCA, BETA, NHS, Biomed, HOSA, Mustangs on a Mission, and many other clubs and activities. Dyllan has also recently decided to go into ministry and become a preacher.

When asked about how his friends would describe him, Dyllan responded by saying, “I think they would describe me as loyal, passionate, compassionate, very blunt, but in a good way, and overall just a trustworthy guy.” And when asked what his biggest passion is, Dyllan mentioned evangelism and his loved ones. Dyllan is one of those people who would do anything for the people around him. And when asked his favorite way to spend free time, he answered hunting, gun smithing, singing, playing piano, making new friends, running sound systems, etc.

Dyllan has recently been accepted and given a full ride to Bethel University to pursue ministry. This is what he considers to be his biggest accomplishment thus far in life. And one of the teachers here at McCracken County High School he feels has had the biggest impact on his life is Mrs. Willoughby, the head of the Biomed program. He explained that this program has taught him so much, not only about medical things, but about who he is as a person. And when asked where he sees himself in ten years, he answered, “I see myself traveling as an evangelist and hopefully preaching at a megachurch.”

With the first half of senior year closing, I asked Dyllan to give some advice to his freshman self. After a moment of thought, he decided on, “Take all the college classes you can, and get all of your required classes in the beginning of high school so you don’t have to worry about it senior year, you will have enough to worry about then.” Dyllan has done so much for MCHS, while still keeping up with everything else in his life. He is a great role model for underclassmen, his peers, and even people older than him to look up to.