Auditions from a Stage Manager’s Perspective


Kenzie Crane, Social Media

Auditions can be a crazy time for anyone involved. Whether it’s for a musical, play, or even college, auditions are almost like interviews. Being a stage manager for 3 years means I’ve had a lot of experience organizing and leading auditions. Although I’ve only helped with high school auditions, I have tips for any audition you may have in your life! Here’s some general advice:



  • Be Punctual: “Early is on time, On time is late, and Late is death.” This saying has been very important to me my whole life. As you would for a job interview, be early for your auditions! You’ll never know how early or late auditions could be running, and being punctual makes the audition process easier on your stage managers and your director, or any college you may be auditioning for. Never show up right at the time you’re supposed to be there, always come early!
  • Be Prepared: Being prepared is the best thing you can do for yourself in any situation. Know your monologue or song, or whatever you’re preparing to audition. You look much more professional and easy to work with if you already have your material prepared. You will have a much better chance getting a role or being accepted into a college if you are well-prepared and rehearsed.
  • Have a good attitude: If you are mean or just hard to work with, there’s a big chance you won’t be chosen after your audition. You could be the most talented person on the planet, but if you’re rude to your stage managers, director, or college coach, they probably will look right over your ability to perform. People with good, bubbly attitudes will be chosen over talented people with bad attitudes!
  • Be confident: It’s normal to have audition day jitters. But don’t let those convince you to chicken out of an audition! Be confident in your abilities and keep a firm head on your shoulders. You can totally psych yourself out by overthinking and being too nervous. Take a deep breath and know you’re going to do your best!
  • Don’t upset yourself: Now, for the cast list. Of course, if you don’t get the part you want or don’t get cast at all, you will be upset. But don’t get yourself worked up over it! There’s always new opportunities around the corner! Another tip: if you get cast, but don’t get the part you wanted, please don’t complain. It’s honestly just really annoying for everyone involved, and it upsets the people who weren’t cast at all. There’s a reason you were cast as that role, and there are several other people who would have loved to play it. Be happy you were in the show!



Follow these tips and you should be set for your audition! There’s no rule book or guidebook as to how you need to go about an audition, but these tips should give you a general idea of what to do. I hope this helps anyone who is nervous, because I’ve seen my fair share of nervous auditionees. Keep a smile on your face, keep your chin up, and do your best!