Devin Jenkins: Runner Extraordinaire


Connor Scholl, Messenger Reporter


While I’ve written several articles detailing the feats of my peers, none have proven to be as daunting a task as this one. To praise someone as great as Devin, to explore the nature of someone so deserving of praise, requires immense skill that I simply don’t possess. However, I’ve been charged with fulfilling this task, and I’ll do my best to see it through.

As mentioned earlier, Devin truly is deserving of praise. Anyone who knows him can see that; something about him draws people near him and generates lasting friendships. But what is that “something?” What about him is so alluring as to garner the continual support of his peers?

There are infinitely many answers to this question. In order to write this article, I’ve sifted through the vast expanse of his achievements and traits in an attempt to pinpoint what that “something” is, but to no avail. His positive influence is simply too great; singling out just one factor contributing to his allure is nearly impossible. Therefore, I have no choice but to explore not just one, but several factors that contribute to his greatness.

One factor responsible for his magnificence is his unwavering perseverance. I’ve been one of the few people lucky enough to witness it firsthand, and it is nothing short of inspiring. The best example I can offer of this perseverance occurred during cross country season. As the season began, every member of the team held high hopes for the future. With every race laid out ahead of them, it seemed as though nothing would hinder their improvement. However, Devin’s cross country career abruptly came to a temporary, yet agonizing, halt. Afflicted with appendicitis, Devin saw that once bright future shatter before his eyes. Despite this obstacle, Devin still came back to practice as soon as he was able, refusing to let some unfortunate circumstance dictate the rest of the season. Not only was his effort to return to cross country respectable, but it also inspired me, as I’m sure it inspired the rest of the team, to improve.

Another factor that makes him remarkable is his ability to speak his mind. This trait is particularly remarkable to me as it’s a trait that I’ve always envied and respected in others. Every day at cross country practice, he never failed to make his voice heard, and I soon found that I became impassioned after hearing his opinion. His words stirred me, and he influenced me so profoundly that I, too, began to develop a voice of my own. Additionally, his firmly held opinions became a pathway through which the rest of the team could connect with him, which nurtured a unanimous respect for him among the team.

While I wish I could detail Devin’s brilliance even further, it would take several more pages to fully achieve. However, I can safely say that Devin is one of the most honorable people I know. The next time you see him in the halls, don’t hesitate to greet him; you’ll likely be met by a twinkle in his piercing eyes.