Lunchtime Lads: The Burger King Experience


Connor Scholl and Rodney Perry

Thus far, the Lunchtime Lads have procured foods belonging to a variety of different ethnicities. After their most recent review of Hokkaido, they wanted to go back to their roots and try the American classic: burgers. While there were an abundance of restaurant choices, they decided to eat at a place that makes a mean burger while still providing a pleasant dining experience, and no restaurant fit these criteria better than Burger King.

Connor’s Review –  I have to say, I was not impressed with Burger King upon first glance. As I walked in, Christmas decorations were strewn about the tables and the floor seemed grimy. The cashier didn’t improve the situation; she seemed to be somewhat uninviting and disdainful. However, the situation soon took a dramatic turn. I ordered a Whopper, and all my negative thoughts melted away as soon as I took the first bite. Surprisingly, the meat was amazing, and the mixture of flavors was exquisite. It seemed to me that my tongue and the meat were made specifically for each other; in fact, the flavors so excited my taste buds that I devoured the sandwich extremely quickly, despite my prior lack of appetite. As good as this sandwich was, it hit my stomach like a brick shortly after I finished it and brought about slight indigestion. Despite its aftereffects, the Whopper has reserved a special place in my heart due to its unparalleled taste. Overall, I would rate Burger King a 7 out of 10, but this is only because of my first impressions of the restaurant and the indigestion that followed. The sandwich itself was incomprehensibly satisfying, and I implore anyone and everyone to try a Whopper as soon as possible.

Rodney’s Review – As I entered the establishment my senses were bombarded by the smell of flame grilled patties. I did not let this seductive smell distract me from the venue. The restaurant was not the highest or formal destination. I proceeded to examine the menu items. The menu items had quantity but lacked variety, which is to be expected from a fast food chain. I was searching for a burger that was going to be filling while remaining authentic to the Burger king formula. As I was glancing I stumbled upon an item referred to as the “double whopper.”  I had heard stories about its predecessor and decided to order this delicious looking sandwich. I filled my cup with delicious root beer and awaited my food. The kindly employee brought out a tray, and on it was a delicious looking, double flame grilled, sesame bun burger dressed with cheese. As I lifted the burger I felt the weight of the burger in my hands and as I bit into the burger. The burger was absolutely  delicious. The tender meat melted with cheddar cheese and the condiments. The bun was also warm and soft. I did not review the fries but they were also worth mentioning. In conclusion, despite the minimal venue Burger King received a 9 out of 10 and the award for the best burger overall in Kentucky.