Teacher Spotlight: Tammy Chapman


Tristan Cates, Messenger Reporter

For our final edition of 2017, we have chosen a hero of House 3, Mrs. Tammy Chapman. She attended Taylor County High School in Campbellsville, Kentucky, and pursued Math and Chemistry throughout college. Chapman firmly believes “it is important to love what you teach.  I have loved math and science from a young age.  It only made sense that I would share my passion for these subjects with my students.” Mrs. Chapman has been in the profession for 23 years, and currently teaches AP Statistics and Honors Algebra 2. Chapman wasn’t always sold on teaching; however, she knew she wanted to impact the lives of others. It wasn’t until several college major changes that it clicked for her. During She was assisting a middle school basketball team, when she realized these were the individuals she was meant to support the next generation. She found passion in the relationships and impact she had on those girls, guiding her towards being an educator. After this realization, she never doubted her choice to pursue this profession.

Despite having a strict curriculum, Mrs. Chapman maintains an uplifting, light-hearted atmosphere in her classroom. Chapman directs her space in this manner to establish individual connections to her students, allowing them to grow not only in academic intelligence, but as individuals. A philosophy stemming from her many years as a coach. She is inspired by watching her students reaching new heights and achieving that “light bulb moment.” For her it isn’t about the lessons or mathematic skills, but about advancing the minds of her students. When asked what she wished her students knew about high school, Mrs. Chapman replied “slow down and enjoy these four years.  There is so much that you could learn from your experiences while in high school.  Many students are in too big of a hurry to get out and move on.  You have your whole life to work, gain knowledge and experience your community while you are still in high school; it will help you in your future.