A Motivating Message for Seniors


Kaitlyn Craig, Columnist and Human Interest Coordinator

With it now being the second semester of my senior year, senioritis is hitting me very hard. It is harder to get out of bed, harder to get motivated to dress nice for school, and the thing that is hitting me the hardest, getting the motivation to actually do my homework. Everyone else will try to give you a motivating message to help you get through the struggle, like teachers, parents, and siblings, but it doesn’t really help, because they aren’t the same boat as you. But unlike them, I am. This is why this goes more realistic than the normal motivating message that you will get from everyone else.

The first thing I will admit is helping me through my senioritis is doing whatever it takes to get me through the day. Usually this means drinking about two cups of coffee in the morning to push me through. Also, occasionally treating yourself for doing the little things isn’t always a bad thing. For example, “wow you actually wore real pants today instead of sweatpants or leggings, you deserve Chick Fil A this morning.”

Another thing that helps is having one specific day every week or every other week where you make an effort to look nice. Though this may mean skipping hitting the snooze button those final two times, it will actually make you feel better in the long run. Look good, feel good right? And to keep from falling asleep, and to just generally make the getting ready experience more enjoyable, put on your favorite album or soundtrack while you are getting ready. This will boost your energy early on, and it will start your day on a positive note.

Seniors, though this time may feel miserable and boring, you will remember it forever. So find your own specific ways to get yourselves through this time with all of the sanity you can, and use these tips to help you wherever you can! Graduation will be here before we know it!