Sun-Dried Mangoes: A Panegyric

Sun-Dried Mangoes: A Panegyric

Connor Scholl, Messenger Reporter

Throughout the entirety of this school year, I’ve written several articles praising donuts and a variety of restaurants. I’ve poured my entire being into every article I’ve written to truly detail the foods that I eat, and I plan to continue doing so in future articles. However, while I normally pay homage to donuts in my articles, I felt the need to extend my praise to a generally uncommon yet delightful food: the sun-dried mango.

Sun-dried mangoes are scarcely mentioned in everyday conversation, so it might seem strange to call such attention to them. As mentioned earlier, I normally reserve such great attention to the donuts I find worthy. However, this food’s taste reaches vastly beyond the realm of everyday food. In fact, a friend introduced them to me last year, and I’ve been captivated ever since. But what quality do these mangoes possess that could drive me to write an entire article about them? Undoubtedly, this allure lies in their unique taste.

Sun-dried mangoes have one of the most distinct tastes of any food I’ve ever tried. In fact, these mangoes taste more similar to candy than to fruit. Despite their sweet taste, the mangoes still retain the healthy quality of fruits, making it an enticing snack.

In addition to the taste, these mangoes also possess a texture that is very unique, but still enjoyable. Each mango initially seems to melt on your tongue, but then takes on a tough and chewy consistency. Although this seems odd, it becomes enjoyable over time. I was skeptical at first, but quickly learned to love it.

My only complaint about this amazing food is the price. It costs about $12 for a bag of sun-dried mangoes, and each bag is relatively small. However, the taste makes the price worth it, although it becomes an expensive pleasure after several months of buying them.

The next time you get a chance to go to Sam’s Club, be sure to buy a bag of sun-dried mangoes. They are sure to wow you with their sensational taste, and they will surely brighten your day.