What To Do When You Have Writer’s Block

What To Do When You Have Writers Block

Jaden Raney, Messenger Reporter

It is the common problem that all writers have to deal with at some point. The shadow overcasting past ideas. When this frustration occurs, you’re likely to think that you will never think of something new. If you are someone that struggles with writer’s block, here are some little things that you can do to combat it.  


The first thing that you can do when you’re feeling drained of creativity is to find a new setting to write. Perhaps sit outside for a change. Maybe even go to a public setting, such as a cafe or library. Sometimes, observing the people around you can help you brainstorm new ideas for your stories or papers. If being in public is usually what you do, then try doing the opposite and finding a quiet place where you can focus on your thoughts and escape from the noise.


You can also read a book, magazine, or newspaper. Not only does reading something new help your own ideas flow, but it can give you new methods for writing your own work. A certain topic may inspire you to write about a similar topic that is important to you.


If you have done everything you think possible and you’re still at a loss, then you can do as I’m doing at the current moment… writing about the issue. I had writer’s block as I began this article, and decided to just go with it. This, surprisingly, helped me get past it!


If you ever struggle with writer’s block, even when something needs to be completed at a certain time, just think of these helpful and easy tips. They are sure to help you move forward with your work!