Wildoner: Join Newspaper!

Lauren Wildoner, Messenger Reporter

If you are holding this newspaper in your hand right now, or scrolling through our published articles online, you may also be wondering how this paper came to be, or how it is created each month. If you are going to be a freshman, sophomore, or junior, you have the opportunity to become a part of the Mustang Messenger staff!

The Mustang Messenger is a student-based newspaper that will turn three years old at the beginning of the new school year. Each month, students work hard to write articles over things such as school news, student spotlights, events happening in politics, sports, and entertainment. As the Messenger has grown over the years, we have also added fun things in like the “Ceglinski Rating,” the monthly crossword puzzle, and a playlist written by a different staff member each month!

What does it take to be on the Messenger staff? It takes hard work (work can be hard but also fun). The Messenger Staff is like a family- a group of people who work hard towards a certain goal. Without a hard working mentality, your contribution to the group will weaken the overall success of the paper. You and the other staff members must team up to get the best coverage of news your paper can get and get them out to your community! Ad sales are one of the most important parts of the paper, if not the very most important! Without money, our paper can’t be produced! If you’re interesting in working with the MCHS paper, get you sales game ON.

I have been a member of the Messenger staff for two years, and it has been one of my favorite classes of all time. Working with my friends to make this paper is extremely enjoyable, and I love having a tangible copy of our team’s hard work. If you are interested in journalism as a career, this will absolutely help you prepare for the future. When you write articles, each year we go to the Murray State Journalism Conference, and your articles have a chance to win awards! I have one two- 3rd place and 5th place for feature writing! Not to mention, you may have the chance to go to nationals! Last year our team traveled to Indianapolis, winning awards, going to conferences and learning so much about journalism.

  You are required to take a class (Intro to Journalism) before you can take Newspaper as a class, so talk to your counselor or our Newspaper teacher Ms. Jones today if you are interested! We need YOU on our staff!