An Open Letter on Promposals


Caleb Buford, Messenger Reporter & Business Manager

Dear fellow high school students,
I think it’s about time we have a talk about your ridiculous obsession with… promposals.
For the freshman, a promposal is simply an overdone invitation to prom conducted by the alpha person in a relationship (the “promposer”) to show others that they are a superior couple, and for the second person in the relationship (the “promposee”) to give a stare of, “Back off, they’re mine.” This phenomenon went viral in 2007 and is becoming monotonous quickly. Promposals can cause a variety of problems for those who are a part of the promposal, such as distraction from everyday activities and injuring social power.
Promposals can be a stressful time for the promposer. Promposers shall not dare to
perform a promposal previously performed at their school or one that was posted online. The proposee will quickly become offended that the promposer was not “creative” enough to come up with something “unique,” as if you can make asking the same question, “Will you go to prom with me?” different other than changing the phrasing. Proposees also expect these promposals to be elaborate and something romantic such as “Prom?” to be written across a field in candles (because that’s not a good a way to start a wildfire). Some promposals take days or even weeks to piece together, causing the promposer to stress about what’s not done and what needs to be done. Promposers, save this for the one who eventually marry. They will cherish that moment so much more than your high school love who you might never see again after you graduate.
Not only do promposals pose a bad situation for the promposers but also for the promposee. What if you were promposed to in front of the whole school and you think “I don’t want to go to prom with them.” Do you realize what could happen to your reputation? People will think you’re the wet blanket to the lit party and you will forever be known as “The Promposee Who Shall Be Ashamed.”
Overall, just save your time and your reputation for something else. I understand promis “so exciting” and “amazing” but I think we can all agree that social media users are done with
your high-school-puppy-love-promposals by March. There are just too many to sort through.
You will thank me in the future. I promise.
A High School Senior