Anyone who drives to school goes through the same struggle that I am faced with everyday, “Senioritis.” Seeing your car in the parking lot while you’re sitting in class makes it really hard to focus on school. Personally, I am always tempted to just walk out and drive off. But, of course, I remember I need to stay in order to get an education and graduate. For me, it takes a lot of motivation to get to school and stay there, but there are things I do to at least distract myself from my constant dread for school. Here’s some tips on relieving your senioritis!


Technically, you aren’t supposed to bring food into the school. But, everyone knows if you don’t bring at least a snack, you’re gonna be miserable. So my first tip is to bring food to school! Getting to snack on something motivates me to survive the day. But don’t bring junk food, bring something healthy to give you energy to get through your day! Junk food will make you crash hard at the end of the day, and totally isn’t worth it. Eat on healthy snacks to replenish your energy and get through your day happy AND not hungry!


Take classes that you enjoy! I am in mostly fine arts classes and it gives me a chance to have fun during the school day. As a senior, you pretty much get to choose your classes and it’s always in your best interest to pick the classes you will enjoy. Take drama, or dance! Or even choir! Even if fine arts aren’t your thing, taking a music, acting, or dancing class will boost your morale for the day.


Hopefully these tips help you survive your senior year. They aren’t much, but they’ll at least keep you from trying to convince yourself you like school. This article isn’t trying to bash school or convince you to indulge in your senioritis, just trying to help my fellow man make it through the school day. If anyone knows the struggle of surviving school, it’s me.