February Horoscope

February Horoscope

Jaden Raney, Messenger Reporter

Aries-  Though your responsibilities will increase in numbers, excitement and a variety of new opportunities will be at your door. You will have more free time to do the things you enjoy. Staying energized and having a strong sense of self-confidence will help you greatly. Take this time to make February a fantastic month!

Taurus- This is a month for love, Taurus! However, don’t let your emotions get the best of you or act impulsively. Keep a healthy balance between head and heart during the next few weeks! You will spend a lot of time with friends and may find yourself becoming dependent on them for emotional support. Make sure to understand that each day is a new day!

Gemini- If you found the past month to be boring, get ready for the next few! You may find that you are doing an impressive job at working on your New Year’s resolutions! Keep up the healthy habits, and your mind, body, and spirit will be in a supremely happy place.

Cancer- Focus on yourself academically this month, Cancer. You need to stay caught up on the work given to you, and any extracurriculars you might be involved in. You may have been lacking the motivation to do your best lately… especially due to the current time of the year. If you don’t put in your best efforts, you will fall behind!

Leo- What do you hope the future holds? Leo, this is the perfect time to focus on short-term goals. If you have been interested in applying for a job, getting better grades, or even something as small as meeting new friends, you might need to make some minor changes to get there. You will see your personality become more complex as your life changes!

Virgo- Make sure to listen to others’ needs this month, Virgo. You’re especially good at helping your friends and family, and your advice is something that is treasured. If you see anyone struggling with something in their life, try to lend an ear or a helping hand. Those who you help will thank you later.

Libra- This month will be an exciting time, Libra! Many social events are coming up, and you will feel in the midst of several smiling faces! You have a big heart and a tendency to think with it too, so don’t hesitate to brighten someone’s day by getting in touch with an old friend or acquaintance. Love will be in the air.

Scorpio- Your hard work will not go unrecognized, Scorpio! You will find that some things are falling almost perfectly into place this month, and rewards will come to you. Your energy will be at high levels, and your inspiration to expand upon ideas or begin a new project will be evident.

Sagittarius- Think before you speak this month, Sagittarius. You might be under some stress, so do not take your negative feelings out on others. Be sensitive to the feelings of everyone in your life, because they just want the best for you! Expect to feel especially sensitive or empathetic during this month, so use this as a time to build up others and let them do the same for you.

Capricorn- Choose peace this month, Capricorn. Self-care and positive vibes are going to be needed during this busy time. This is going to be a powerful month to become comfortable and confident with yourself, so do your best to spread love all around. Issues that you feel strongly about may become present, so try to remember what you believe strongly in, and stand by that.


Aquarius- It’s your time, Aquarius! Your birthday is inching closer and closer, and Venus will be in your sign early in the month. This means that you may find a new burst of confidence coming to you, and others will take notice. You will feel happy, charming, and energetic. Personal growth is in store for you, so take your experiences this month and remember them. Live in the moment!

Pisces- You tend to do things on a whim, Pisces! Careful planning and “baby steps” will be your best bet this month. If you really want to achieve a large goal, avoid procrastination and focus on what you need to do at that moment to get to where you want to be. This shouldn’t disregard your random bursts of creativity, though! For those will occur this month.