Sugar Pine 7 – Passion Projects


Clark English, Social Media Manager

After being fired from his job working at an online news company, Steven Suptic, begins to document his life.

Sugar Pine 7 exists in a weird limbo between being a show and a vlog. The entirety of the shows acting being improv, but the settings and scenarios being genuine, while the characters themselves are not, yet the roles are still faithful to the actors that play the characters that are based on themselves. Get all that?

This series, in particular, is hard to review because it is just so unique. It’s not a show. It’s a vlog that’s hosted on Youtube, but it’s not a vlog about his life. It’s a vlog about the character he plays, who is himself. The supporting cast also follows this same logic. Steven’s best friend “Cib” for example, plays Cib.

The story of the show begins with Stevens old show and the company that he worked for being canceled. What originally began as him trying to capture this life-changing event on film for him to one day feel nostalgia for turns into a joke. Steven starts to produce vlogs following the seemingly nonsensical storylines created by genuinely impressive scenes of improv between him and his friends. One storyline, for example, follows Steven and a friend going to a junkyard to buy some engine parts. As they approach the entrance the shot freezes and turns to black and white. The camera begins to zoom in on a small pomeranian that someone had brought with them. Suddenly Steven begins to narrate over the shot, claiming that the “junkyard dog wouldn’t let them enter”. The video then hard cuts to the two inside the junkyard near the fence. That’s just editing done in post, I would not be able to do the improv done in this show justice by trying to transcribe it.

The story starts to get even more meta as real-life Steven Suptic is picked up by a larger company that financially supports him to make these videos. So eventually the real-life Steven Suptic owns a company that makes its money off of him creating storylines about a character named Steven Suptic who owns a company that makes its’ money off of him vlogging himself.

Should you watch Sugar Pine 7? Yes. It’s free on youtube and the episodes are 10 minutes long at best. The editing is fantastic. It’s a great example of a passion project that you know the creator enjoys making.