Would you eat this: Bosintang

Throughout all the exotic and disgusting foods I’ve discussed, none make us uncomfortable as this dish from Korea. Many cultures consider certain animals sacred and not fit to eat as they have an emotional and symbolic connection to the people of that country. This could be seen with cats in ancient Egypt and cows in India. To a lesser degree, we hold dogs to a certain degree of reverence. It is seen as taboo to kill and eat a dog as we have built somewhat of a loving relationship with them throughout the years. Dogs are seen as man’s best friend so to eat one is almost seen as cannibalism. Some countries don’t culturally the dog as we do in America. In Korean, there is a dish that incorporates dog meat into a soup. This dish is known as Bosintang and is seen as a delicacy in South Korea.


Although the idea of dogs being eaten is disgusting to most of us, Bosintang is thought to raise virility. Dogs aren’t technically listed as livestock but there is a stark separation of pet/show dogs and dogs bred for meat. The dog soup is served in restaurants throughout South Korea. Despite the traditional usage of the soup, due to the exchange of information due to the internet, the popularity of the dish has fallen and opposition to the dish has is becoming more common.

The soup is supposed to smell rancid but has a very tender texture and taste very good.