Candy Cane Tootsie Pops

Candy Cane Tootsie Pops

Connor Scholl, Messenger Reporter

In my life, I’ve eaten a variety of excellent candies. However, none have excited me more than the candy cane tootsie pop. Only recently introduced to me by a teacher, this sucker is by far the best sucker in the history of suckers and has immediately become my new favorite candy.

One day before a physics test, Mr. Edwards was kind enough to give every student a candy cane tootsie pop. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first; mixing a tootsie pop with a minty flavor seemed farfetched. Despite my initial skepticism, this sucker turned out to be the best I’d ever had. The minty freshness was amazing, and once I licked all the way down to the tootsie roll filling, I was met with a unique yet satisfying taste.

I immediately sought more of this amazing candy, but struggled to find it anywhere in Paducah. My search of Paducah for the suckers was fruitless for some time until, in Ohio for Christmas break, I finally found them in a store called Meijer. There, I bought three bags as I knew I couldn’t find them elsewhere, and have been enjoying them ever since.

Although Ohio is a long distance to travel for a sucker, it is by far worth it. If you ever happen to be in Ohio near a Meijer, purchase as many bags of candy cane t

ootsie pops as you can. They are a delight that I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on.