Lunchtime Lads: The Pizza Inn Experience


Connor Scholl and Rodney Perry

For this edition, the Lunchtime Lads struggled to find a restaurant preeminent and sophisticated enough for their liking. As they’ve already gone to such renowned restaurants as Sam’s Club and Burger King, there were few restaurant choices left that would appease their immense appetite. However, one restaurant presented itself and instantly became their top contender: Pizza Inn.

Connor’s Review – For this restaurant visit, I had very high expectations. I had eaten at Pizza Inn several times before, and each visit proved to be tastier than the last. However, this quickly became the tastiest visit of all. As I walked into the restaurant, my nose was immediately greeted with the sweet aroma of the beautiful pizza buffet laid out in front of me. I knew from that instant that this meal was going to be very satisfying, and couldn’t help but rush toward the buffet. The vast array of choices I found there were overwhelming; cheese, pepperoni, meat lover’s, buffalo chicken, and many other varieties of pizzas all awaited me. Despite the copious amounts of choices available, I first decided to try the cheese and pepperoni pizzas, and they turned out to be heavenly. The taste of them was so great that my taste buds urged me to get more, which I promptly proceeded to do. For this second trip to the buffet, the buffalo chicken pizza sensuously beckoned to me with its aromatic elegance, and this pizza similarly turned out amazing. After several more trips to the buffet, my verdict was confirmed: Pizza Inn is by far one of the best pizza buffets I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. This pizza buffet earns an 8.75 out of 10 from me, and I recommend it highly to anyone and everyone who has a fondness for pizza.

Rodney’s review – As many are fully aware we have previously reviewed pizza but as the opportunity came to review a restaurant as recognizable as the Inn of Pizza. This buffet has been a historical landmark ever since the creation of the Inn. Personally walking into the venue I was met by a sea of people reaching and grabbing for the pizza set under the heated lamps. The mass confusion made it distracting. As we were sat down our server did a good job, initially, asking for our drinks and giving us plates but never made a effort to engage her customers but as we continued to eat we were only met once again to be given the check. This made the server seem insincere and distracted from the pizza. As we went to get our food I was happy to see a large array of pizza, from barbecue to taco pizza, their seemed to be an endless amount of pie. They even had pasta and dessert pizza. For the review I sampled twelve pieces. I ate two pieces of six different pizzas; one with parmesan and the other without. The first bite was met with perfect balance of ingredients and was complemented with the thin crust. I personally recommend the parmesan for a better taste but the decision is up to you. After finishing my pizza I will give Pizza Inn an 8 out of 10 due to the lackluster service and uncontrolled crowd with little organization.