Odd Holidays in March

Lauren Wildoner, Artwork and Photography Coordinator

1st: National Pig Day, Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

2nd: “Old Stuff” Day, Employee Appreciation Day, National Salesperson Day, World Day of Prayer

3rd: Caregiver Appreciation Day, National Anthem Day

4th: Hug a GI Day

5th: Multiple Personality Day

6th: Dentist’s Day, National Frozen Food Day

8th: International Working Women’s Day, Popcorn Lover’s Day

9th: National Panic Day

10th: Middle Name Pride Day

11th: Johnny Appleseed Day

12th: Girl Scouts Day, Plant a Flower Day

13th: Earmuff Day

14th: Learn About Butterflies Day, National Potato Chip Day, National Pi Day

15th: Ides of March

16th: Freedom Information Day, Incredible Kid Day

17th: St. Patrick’s Day, National Quilting Day

19th: Poultry Day

20th: International Earth Day, Proposal Day, National Agriculture Day

21st: Credit Reduction Day, National Fragrance Day

22nd: National Goof Off Day

23rd: National Chip and Dip Day, National Puppy Day

24th: National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

25th: Pecan Day, Palm Sunday, Waffle Day, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

26th: National Spinach Day

28th: Something on a Stick Day, Weed Appreciation Day

29th: Smoke and Mirrors Day

30th: National Doctor’s Day, Take a Walk in the Park Day

31st: World Backup day