Lauren Wildoner, Artwork and Photography Coordinator

Whether you’re a senior that knows where you are going, a junior who needs to get a head start on college endeavors, or somewhere in between, is the site you need to be making your way to.

This website can help you find colleges, careers, and scholarships wherever you may be in your college journey, and it is very simple and easy to sign up for. Once you do,  fill out information about you and the site automatically finds scholarships that fit your academic standing, sends your profile to schools in your area and in your price budget, and gets a lot of the hard part of college searching done for you. You can easily narrow down schools, find out which colleges you can afford, and if you aren’t sure where to even begin, there is a “Majors” tab where you can take a free quiz that will aid you in finding your future!

Not only that, Cappex can help you schedule visits with colleges you have matched with and are interested in and gives you your own personal inbox where the colleges you have found can send their emails right to your profile on the website. The site as a whole is organized and can help you keep up with anything and everything that has to do with your personal college experience.

Within the website, Cappex also has a general application you can fill out that will be sent to over 120 colleges in one click, getting your foot in the door and creating options for you at many schools. This is similar to the Common App, which is another very useful college tool and one I would recommend using.

This website is packed full of articles with advice on college and its prep from professionals around the country. Many teachers require you sign up for Cappex, and if you have, login and give it another try! It’s never too early to get started on your future, and if you’re a little late it never hurts to see what’s still in store for you.