Lunchtime Lads: The Qdoba Experience


Connor Scholl and Rodney Perry

Hitherto, the Lunchtime Lads have tried to review restaurants of varying ethnicities.They’ve eaten mexican, american, oriental, and many other types of foods to ensure that no one culture is left behind. However, with the opening of so many new restaurants in Paducah, the Lunchtime Lads decided to break their streak and revisit their old friend, the burrito, and what better place to do so than at a new restaurant: Qdoba.

Connor’s Review – Before eating at the new Qdoba, I had eaten at several others in several different cities, and every time I tried it, each meal somehow seemed tastier than the last. It was these past experiences that gave me high expectations for this Qdoba, and I expected nothing less than excellence. However, my expectations were not met, and I was fairly disappointed with my experience. Upon entering, one of the first things I noticed was the price of the burritos. For a chicken burrito, the cost was somewhere around $8.00, which is highway robbery. At Burrito Shack, I could order a large burrito for $6.75, and I think that the Burrito Shack burrito is larger than the Qdoba burrito to begin with. This was only the first disappointment. As I chose what I wanted on my burrito, the employee scooped out microscopic portions of each food so that the end result was a burrito that consisted of more tortilla than actual fillings. Finally, the burrito itself tasted extremely adequate and left me largely unsatisfied. While I realize that this Qdoba was extremely new when I ate there, it still seemed to be especially unsatisfying for a Qdoba. I would rank it a 5 out of 10, but would still recommend that you try it because it wasn’t bad, but also wasn’t amazing.

Rodney reviewThe news of Qdoba excited the whole community of McCracken. The idea of a new southwestern grill to replace the sad ruins of Pancheros became great news. We had already reviewed burrito shack so it was only natural that we review Qdoba. As I entered the establishment the venue was reminiscent of the old southwest. I was greeted by the smell of grilled chicken and different ingredients. The restaurant was full of hungry customers looking for a meal. I walked towards the line to order my burrito. The choices for the meats were mediocre but expected. I ordered the chicken burrito with brown rice. The first thing noticed as I received the burrito was the odd folding of the burrito. Despite that I began to eat my burrito. Unlike burrito shack my mouth wasn’t met with the explosion of flavors but was crowded with the taste of rice but not a mix of all the ingredients. The use of the meats was minimal there was little meat I tasted. It felt like I was cheated out of a burrito. The ingredients were not as full as burrito shack and felt dull. Combined with the small use of meat made it lackluster. The burrito was below average, despite the excellent service and great environment Qdoba received a 4 out of 10.