April Horoscope

April Horoscope

Jaden Raney, Messenger Reporter

Aries- Happy April, Aries! You will find yourself with excessive energy and a need for new beginnings. Your birthday will bring just that. You will, however, see your aggression get the best of you some days. Don’t let this affect your positive attitude or anyone around you.


Taurus- You crave comfort, Taurus, and you will put in hard work to get your leisure time. You will want your independence this month, and you’ll enjoy a clear mind. Be sure to make time for your creative pursuits.


Gemini- Adventure is in the cards for you, Gemini. If you don’t have the opportunity to travel, still see if there is any free time in your schedule to go somewhere closer to home. You likely love to be surrounded by nature, and the spring will bring perfect weather for this.


Cancer- You know emotional roller coasters all too well, Cancer. Make sure to keep your unpredictable emotions under control a bit this month, for you may unintentionally cause conflict with someone else. Be extra kind!


Leo- Lots of things haven’t been going quite as planned this month, Leo. As a careful planner paired with determination, you may have felt disheartened at the beginning of this month and something that may have gone haywire. If it’s been smooth-sailing, watch out for unpredictable events and ways to handle them with grace.


Virgo- Your social life will shine this month, Virgo! Look out for new people in your life and be open to making friends. You usually keep to yourself, but a spark in confidence and spunk will bring out your natural charm.


Libra-  You often find it easy to compromise with others,  but this month expects conflicting viewpoints with those close to you. You may have also felt gray lately, with the sun rotated far from Libra. Don’t worry, though, because the warmth you long for is coming soon! Listen to what your peers have to say instead of arguing, and keep a positive outlook!


Scorpio-  Things may have been feeling “off” recently, with so many tasks falling into your plate. It may seem overwhelming at times, but you know how to multitask perfectly. Juggling these tasks are all a part of finishing out the school year, but don’t fret, it will be over soon!


Sagittarius-  Take things slow this month, Sagittarius. There is no need to rush through things, for it will not be your best work. Just because the end of the school year may be throwing many things your direction, does not mean procrastination and hastily completing tasks is the best way to go.


Capricorn- April may start out stressful, but will progressively become breezy. Your tasks may seem overwhelming but will become easy as the weeks go by. The achievement will come with hard work, and you may be recognized for it.


Aquarius- Positive changes are near, Aquarius! Just take time to keep your mind active as well as your body and reserve some of your leisure time for reading, art, or athletics. Start May strong!


Pisces- April, as well as May, should be calming for you, Pisces. There will be lots of time for you to express yourself creatively, and you will likely be motivated to showcase your talents. You should find inspiration in your recent experiences and events to come.