Vick – Graduation Countdown

Vick - Graduation Countdown

Olivia Vick, Messenger Reporter

For seniors, caps and gowns came in not too long ago and the realization that high school is really coming to an end is setting in for many individuals. There is a limited number of days left for us in this school, and while I love some aspects of school, personally I am counting every day until the end of the school year. There’s the excitement of Prom Spirit week, the dread of senior finals (and the confusion of EOCs?), and the long coming build up for graduation which have the time passing in a blur. This time is stressful and exciting and confusing but it’s all leading to what we’ve spent 13 years of schooling to get to – a high school diploma. And whether you’re going to college, starting your career, or are just satisfied to have a high school education (which, let’s admit, is a feat all of its own), this is the big moment for us. The end and the beginning. And whether we’re ready or not, it’s coming.

For me, there are some things about high school I want to make the most of before I leave. Spirit week, for example- I hope you’re all participating because this is our last chance. I want to study for my last finals despite the senioritis. I participated in solo and ensemble and I’m waiting for our last band concert of this year. My last band concert. I’m excited for our senior prank (which does NOT involve vandalism, unlike some classes *cough*). I’m excited for the last of what we have here, and then I’m excited to leave. To go off to college and carry on with my life. McCracken County High School will always be a part of me and the things I learned here will stay with me for the rest of my life. But it’s almost time for us to move on, and I’m ready.