Youtube Headquarters Shooting

Kenzie Crane

On April 3, 2018, an attack was made on the Youtube Headquarters in San Bruno, California. The suspect was later found to be a 38-year-old woman named Nasim Najafi Aghdam. Three victims were wounded before the suspect shot and killed herself. Two of the victims have been released, but one is still in serious condition. There is no evidence of there being a second attacker, but the primary suspect did have a sort of “vengeance” against Youtube. The suspect used a handgun to commit her crime.

It has been confirmed that the suspect of the shooting went to a gun range to “practice” hours before going to the headquarters. Her motive behind the shooting was her hatred of youtube and their practices and policies. Ms. Aghdam spoke about her feelings towards the company on a separate website. She was against their censorship, stating that they “filtered her content so she couldn’t earn views.”

There are differing opinions about what the suspect was doing before the attack occurred. Her brother had warned the police that his sister “might do something.” He said that he discovered she had driven all the way to the headquarters from San Francisco, and knowing of her feelings toward the company, he warned the police. They then contacted Aghdam and spoke with her, but found no evidence of her plan to attack the headquarters, or any proof of hatred towards Youtube. The family made a statement after the attack stating they had no idea this would happen, and are very shocked and sad for the victims and their families.

Aghdam pulled the fire alarm to evacuate the employees of the headquarters, then opened fire. Employees said she stood in the courtyard yelling “Come get me!” as she shot and wounded 3 people. The people she wounded had no connection to her. She then shot and killed herself, being found by the police a few hours later. Youtube later released a statement saying they would increase the security in their building and allow employees to take as much time off as they need.