Donut of the Day (Except It’s Not Really a Donut This Time): Red’s Red Velvet Donut Ice Cream


Connor Scholl, Messenger Reporter

As I’ve mentioned in previous editions, I’m undeniably running low on donut establishments to review. I’ve seemingly exhausted most all of my options for donut reviews, and new donut establishments are hard to come by. However, an opportunity presented itself which I could not possibly allow myself to miss. Curls and Cream, an ice cream shop located in downtown Paducah, creates a flavor of the week each week that is only available for one week, and one of their most recent flavors was Red’s Red Velvet Donut for which they partnered with Red’s to craft. While it may not completely be a donut in its purest form, I nonetheless felt it appropriate to review this unique creation.

Seeing as this flavor was created in partnership with Red’s Donut Shop, I had very high expectations initially since Red’s is an exceptional and wondrous place. However, I was not prepared for something as spectacular as I received. The Red’s Red Velvet Donut flavor came with a red velvet donut placed atop the ice cream, and I added roasted marshmallows and whipped cream to the already voluptuous creation. My elation upon the first bite was boundless. There isn’t really a single negative thing to be said about its taste as it contained the flavor of a Red’s donut within the ice cream. Just the thought of this ice cream and my reminiscence of the flavor excite me immensely.

I only have one complaint, albeit very miniscule: the price. The ice cream cost $6, which I thought to be slightly excessive. However, I feel as though the taste may have justified the price.

This mixture of ice cream and donuts was a masterpiece unlike any other dessert I’ve ever tried. Although it pains me to admit, this flavor was only a limited time offer and is no longer available. While this joy may have been fleeting, this ice cream will live on in my heart evermore.