Rodney Perry: My Idol


Connor Scholl, Messenger Reporter

Not gonna lie, Rodney’s one of the coolest kids in town. He continues to impress everyone with his style and vast array of talents, which, I might add, are some of his most exceptional qualities. There really isn’t much more to say about him, but I’ll try to detail his magnificence as best as I can.

I couldn’t possibly discuss Rodney without mentioning his running career. He can run 200 meters in 25.25 seconds, and although I’m no specialist when it comes to sprinting races, I’m fairly certain that this is an admirable time. However, his talent doesn’t just lie in the 200m. He can also run 100 meters in 12.72 seconds and 60 meters in 7.95 seconds, which is pretty fast. What’s more, he’s continuously improving, so by the time this article is published in the paper, he may be running even faster than his already fast times.

The next point of discussion of Rodney is his rap career. Although it’s only recently begun, his abilities as a rapper are second to none. His songs include such hits as KMART, Eclipse, and SP1R1TS, and if ever you get a chance to listen to these pieces, your socks are sure to be knocked off.

The final point of discussion is Rodney’s job. While I’m sure you already know, Rodney is employed at Firehouse Subs, where he cooks up the most scrumptious subs of all time. I have never met a finer Firehouse Subs employee, and while I haven’t yet gotten the chance to eat a Rodney-made sub, I have no doubt that they are the finest subs around.

In summary, Rodney is a multi-talented individual whose flair is one of a kind. However, I’m sure that this article has no use as you were most likely already aware of the brilliance that is Rodney Perry.