Kentucky Forecast (Satirical)

Lauren Wildoner, Artwork and Photography Coordinator

Monday: On Monday, expect showers from about 12 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Mild winds, blowing rain directly into your car when you open the door. Temperatures around 42 degrees, so wear a coat, ladies and gentleman!


Tuesday: Put those umbrellas away! Look for sunny skies and a high of 72 degrees all day. Slight breeze and scattered clouds making for the perfect day to go for a walk.


Wednesday: On Wednesday, high of 12 degrees. Expect snow throughout the day, about 1 ½ inches, making it just annoying enough to notice but not enough to get out of school. Crank the heat during those commutes, it’s gonna be brutal!


Thursday: High of 65, low of 60. Dark, grey, depressing skies through the entire day. Slight showers, making the air feel clammy and uncomfortable. No telling when exactly it will rain throughout the day, but probably right whenever you realize you didn’t bring your umbrella indoors.


Friday: Bring out those shades! Today the high is 80 degrees and clear skies all day! Humidity makes it feel like it’s around 90 degrees, so summer might just be around the corner!


Saturday: We looked around the corner and summer was not there! Today the weather is going to be confusing and freezing! High of 35 degrees with winds that definitely look concerning. More updates to come as the week progresses, but maybe make your plans with a friend who has a basement.

Sunday: We have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen this Sunday. We checked the radar and question marks just popped up all over our screen! What else can you expect from living in Kentucky, ladies and gentleman. Kudos to you all, the team here at a Week in Weather will be moving to Florida as soon as possible.