Letter From The Editor – April

Caroline Dew, Senior Editor

Dear MCHS,


Prom is coming up, and that’s super exciting! I personally love seeing people dress up and feel good about themselves. In an age of insecurity in teenagers, it’s great to see. I’ve noticed that prom can raise some issues though, regarding the dresses. I’ve seen people tear one another apart on social media because they both bought the same dress for prom. I’ve never really understood this – I get wanting to be unique, but we live in a small town. The odds of someone at a school of 2,000 getting the same dress as someone else is pretty high. To get mad at someone for taking ‘your dress’ is dumb. Unless you’re in the same group, it shouldn’t be a big deal. The last thing that you should do is tear someone down on the one day that they’re supposed to feel great about themselves. Don’t be mean!


Caroline Dew