History or Hoax: Caroline Dew


Daniel Cruse, Messenger Reporter

The final edition of the Mustang Messenger for the year is a time where the staff likes to shine the spotlight on our senior editor, and all of the work she does for our newspaper and her accomplishments in and out of school. Caroline is an exemplary student with a work ethic that is very admirable. She’s valued responsibility and education and has made sure throughout the four years as a Mustang that she has been attentive, respectful, engaged in lectures, and on task in completing assignments. Her scholarly priorities in high school will continue to help her throughout both her college and career, when starting Fall of 2018, she will be attending the University of Louisville Honors College, majoring in history and hoping to have a career in that field.


Caroline’s activities in school have included being a part of the Mustang Messenger staff for all 4 years, finishing her work with the paper as the Senior Editor. She also has been involved in the theatre department, performing in roles in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Miracle Worker, and as a member of the tech crew for Legally Blonde and Hello, Dolly!, in addition to having various roles in many different one act plays as a Drama III student. Caroline has also been a part of the German Honors Society for 2 years, having taken 4 years of German language classes. When asked who her favorite teacher was throughout high school, Caroline replied “Frau Wallace, or Frau Traughber as of January, has been my favorite high school teacher during my high school career. Her passion for what she does is evident in her every day work, and she treats her students as more than students – she treats us as people. She understands that sometimes there are lessons beyond the curriculum, and I’ve learned so much German, and about life in her class.”


Outside of school, Caroline has also done theatre, appearing in The Secret Life of Girls at Market House Theater, and she enjoys traveling, exercise, and drawing. During the summers, she works at the Noble Park pool as a certified lifeguard and teaches swim classes along with it. She finds the job very fulfilling, and expounded on that point by saying “I love working with kids, and swimming is something I’ve loved since I was little. Being able to combine those two things is a great way to spend the summer.” She also has done some community service work with an organization called Camp Robin for children who have lost loved ones.


When Caroline isn’t busy working, exercising, at school, or with one of her hobbies, she likes to spend time out with her friends or just stay at home and rest and recharge for whatever she has planned in the next week. School and life in general keeps her very busy so the moments where she can take a step back and lay down are valued and appreciated.


When asked what some important advice for anyone in high school would be, she said “being yourself, everyone hears that said all the time but few people really follow the advice. Life is so much more fun when you find people who will care about you just how you are. Don’t change for anybody.” Caroline said that if she could go back to her freshman self, the first thing she’d wanna do is give herself a stress ball and tell herself to relax. Caroline is a hard working, positive, kind hearted, and very intelligent person, and all of us at the Mustang Messenger have really enjoyed the experience of working with her. The final thought from our interview sums up the way she lives her life very well. “Life is full of uncertainties and nobody really knows what is going on, but that makes for more adventure, and it’s best to just let life run its course and try to enjoy it as much as you can.”