May Horoscope

May Horoscope

Jaden Raney, Messenger Reporter

Aries- Be true to yourself this month, Aries! A burst of energy this month will likely make motivate you to share any bottled-up feelings. You are a very adventurous and courageous sign, so when you feel that energy, you aren’t afraid to take chances! Be mindful that you should transform this assertiveness into positivity, and use it to reach your summer goals.


Taurus- May is a month of living in the moment, Taurus! Summer is on its way! If you get too caught up in the past, you won’t be able to leave plenty of room for future growth.  Expect positive change coming your way as school comes to a close.


Gemini- A loss of motivation and disinterestedness in your work or school life may be creeping up on you, Gemini. Don’t let yourself slack! So many exciting this are in store for you in the next month, and your upcoming birthday is one of them. Keep working hard so that you have plenty of time to play!


Cancer- You have likely been feeling a sense of harmony and peace lately, Cancer. If you lift others up with an encouraging attitude, all of that will come back to you! Don’t sweat the small stuff, and bond with new people.


Leo- This is your month to prosper, Leo! You may feel independent, ambitious, and strong.  However, don’t let an unexpected disruption of your plans or routine make you frazzled. Prepare for lots of tasks to be thrown at you this month. You can do it!


Virgo- Expect lots of laid-back leisure days this month, Virgo! The nice weather will make you feel at ease, and you are far too chill to be bothered by people that have poor attitudes. You will likely find balance in certain aspects of your life that have been stressing you. Listen to your favorite playlist and kick back!


Libra- It’s a great time to enjoy the simple things in life, Libra! Increase in confidence and charisma will come your way, so don’t be afraid to take time to take care of yourself and make time for you. Plan some of your favorite activities with your favorite people. This is the month for you to be social and grow!


Scorpio- You may be feeling highly sensitive this month, Scorpio. You need to use this to put your feelings into your craft. Whatever hobby it may be, some of your best work comes out of your experiences and powerful emotions. Appreciate the glorious world around you, and your thirst for inspiration will be quenched.


Sagittarius- You may be expecting some new changes in your life, Sagittarius. Whether they be big or small changes, it’s not always a negative thing. It shapes who you are as a person. Embrace the changes and make sure to work on self-care.


Capricorn- As a Capricorn, you are bound to be a bit materialistic at times. Try to focus less on things that do not matter, and look at things from a more realistic and simple perspective. Think of what you would like to accomplish over the summer, and appreciate the small things in life so you can focus on your goals.


Aquarius-  The next month will be filled with surprise and spontaneity, Aquarius! You won’t want to stick to plans or routine, and this is all part of the way that you have fun! Some of the best memories are unexpected, so be open to going somewhere new or traveling!


Pisces- You will be comfortable and confident this month, Pisces! Try to relieve worries or anxiety by spending time in nature, going on a trip, or simply spending time by yourself (sometimes that’s the best thing that you can do to recharge!) Prepare for increase in creativity and being in tune with who you are.