Another comedy or deeper meaning?

Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople by Taika Waititi

Another comedy or deeper meaning?

Madison Davis, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople,’ is a film written by Taika Waititi, and created in 2016. This coming-of-age plot, revolves around a troubled teenager finding his place in the world deep within the mountains, with a man who never thought he’d be a father figure.

Taika did a wonderful job creating grounded characters, comedic dialogue, and creating emotion. The movie takes on the stereotypes of a defiant kid, named Ricky, who has gone from bad foster home to bad foster home. Finally, he lands in a new home with an elderly couple who live on a farm; a welcoming, sweet lady named Belle, and a cranky old man named Hec. Hec is portrayed as a selfish character who wants nothing to do with the boy. When Ricky ends up running away with plans of living off in the wilderness by himself, Hec journies after him. The dynamic duo is physically and emotionally offset in many ways. Hec is old, Ricky is young; Ricky is closely identified with the city, Hec is associated with the countryside. With the great character development, we get to see their relationship bloom and see parts of the characters that one would not expect to come out as they go through several challenges and overall life-changing adventures together. The film’s title is a reference to wildebeests; the massive, horned, antelope-like creatures known for migrating thousands of miles across African plains to reach grazing grounds. Ricky seems to compare his trek to theirs, not quite as extensive, but every bit as life-changing.

This movie has comedy, emotion, and action all in one! Taika makes us honestly care about the fate of the two protagonists and creates life lessons that every viewer can relate to. The central theme portrays how similar two very different types of people can be and how we should never judge someone before getting to know them. It’s about learning from those around you, regardless of age or circumstance. It’s about learning to trust in yourself and the meaningful people around you. This heartfelt film will have you smiling minutes after finishing it.

In a review Brian Tallerico writes, “Hunt for the Wilderpeople; It’s a downright majestical movie”.