Heckler The Underdog


Gavin Lager, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Well today my review is a bit of a throwback of an old DC comics series called The Heckler. This
series had an interesting hero called the Heckler whose power was to literally use sarcasm and
annoyance to win fights. This series was hilarious and interesting to read. I have to sadly report
however the series ended after the 6th book. Fans in the ’90s stopped reading funny comic
books for more dark stories. This was sad because the Heckler was such a good hero to build
on with the best power and phenomenal costume.

Though Heckler phased out the city he protected, Delta City still lives on without its protector who it never appreciated.   The series was a kick. For example, in one story one of Heckler’s enemies shot another villain because of Heckler’s taunting another time he annoyed one of his villains into giving up. This silly comic was a gem and sadly never took off.

Throughout the series, it proved countless times that it was a great comic but its generation failed it heavily. This series may come back due to the cameos Heckler has been in. Once you saw Heckler in the oblivion bar and another time he was talking to a green lantern.

Now let’s address the fact that Heckler was a strong hero. He defeated the 4 mopeds of the Apocalypse (don’t ask.) He had a rogues gallery that was a bit strange but strong. One of his enemies was a killer robot who dressed as a clown. Heckler may have no powers but he has a formidable mind that keeps the one-liners coming and defeating villains easily.

Also, Heckler struggled with Delta City. The citizens of Delta didn’t care how many villains Heckler stopped; they continued to ignore him or try to arrest him. Heckler was an underdog compared to his rogue gallery which was all sorts of crazy.

Though the Heckler was short-lived it was fantastic and lively. I think that today The Heckler would be a hit funny comic is something we’re lacking and The Heckler is a perfect remedy for that.

Make this statement now: BRING BACK HECKLER. Now that’s up to DC but what do you think? Is there anything missed or that should have been added? Tell me.